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According to the latest United Nations estimates, what is the chance of death during pregnancy, birth, or post-birth for African women?

  1 in 2,400

  1 in 94

  1 in 16

  1 in 5

This Advance Africa project, funded by USAID, has now closed. The project ended on 30th September 2005 and is no longer hiring any employees. Neither the closed Advance Africa project nor Management Sciences for Health has any connection to the site www.advance-africa.com.

Repositioning Family Planning Programs in Africa

World attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to high maternal and child mortality rates have moved donor focus away from family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) programs. As a result, funding for family planning programs has stagnated. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa, poor reproductive health practices, especially inadequate birth spacing, contribute as much or more to maternal and child mortality as HIV/AIDS does. Additionally, the contribution of good FP/RH practices to reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS receives little recognition.

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At the 54th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa Meeting, 46 Ministers of Health endorsed family planning as a key health intervention! WHO Press Release »
Advance Africa held its End-of-Project Conference on 13 September 2005. To see PowerPoint presentations from the conference, click here. The project ends 30 September 2005.
Advance Africa is featured in a recent AIDSLink article entitled, “The Life of a Depot Holder: A Few Words Speak Volumes.”
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15-18 February 2005
Repositioning Family Planning in West Africa Conference
Accra, Ghana
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